Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Someday this will be great...

Good evening everyone,

Well once again I am in the dubious position of starting my blog all over again. This is my fourth attempt and frankly it has become a tiresome process, but I stick to it. Why? I have absolutely no idea, well that's not true. Maybe it is because I like writing, maybe it is because I have a deep seeded need to be read and known or maybe I am hoping for an endorsement from Puma. Whatever the reason be, I am still here. It must be my midwestern upbringing which forbids me from leaving something undone and the sense of failure which follows if I don't do a good job.

This blog won't be strictly anything; political, personal, vegetable or mineral. If you know me, you know i am about as random as they come, but I will promise the attempt to entertain. Now you might read this and say "Hey Greg! You promised entertainment!, What gives?!" To which I will reply; "I only promised the attempt". Your definition of "entertainment" isn't my concern, that's why you have your own blog, so I win regardless and so do you. Why? Because you have your own blog.

So here we go...yet again.